May 19, 2016

Illegal Cultivation Site Discovered

You want to know what stupid is? Here's stupid:

Back in January the City Council approved the Bunch Palms Trail cultivation facility that would be new construction at the corner of Cabot and Two Bunch Palms Trail. It is one of the few cultivation sites that plans to use greenhouses. The owner (or one of the owners maybe) John Van Beek, without putting a shovel in the ground, went down the block and started cultivating at Francisco's Auto Repair on Little Morongo Road completely without ANY permits.

It was other legal cultivators who dropped the dime.

IOW, the guy with complete legal entitlements to cultivate decides to forego that and open an illegal cultivation site in one of the very few cities in California to permit legal cultivation. It's double-stupid. He gets it for the illegal grow, and he ain't gonna make much progress on his legal site after this.

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May 13, 2016



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Vandalism At Devil's Hole

Devil's Hole is a non-contiguous part of Death Valley National Park over on the Nevada side. It's completely off limits to tourists as it is a home to the rare pupfish. It made the news (a little bit) in 2010 when it showed dramatic effects of the Mexicali earthquake hundreds of miles away.

On April 30 three men broke through the fence surrounding Devil's Hole by shooting off the locks. They then proceeded to vandalize the area and actually enter Devil's Hole itself.

One of the men waded and swam in Devils Hole, causing potentially significant disruption to their habitat. The shallow underwater shelf is vital to the Devils Hole pupfish’s survival, providing algae and invertebrates for food and a spawning surface. Video footage recorded this man walking on the shallow shelf, potentially stressing and crushing pupfish, which are slow-moving, docile, and as they have no natural predators, curious by nature. April through May is the peak spawning season for this annual fish, and so the intruder likely crushed and destroyed eggs on the shelf. Many peer-reviewed reports, published scientific studies, as well as a Supreme Court case (Cappaert v. United States 1976) have identified the integrity of the shallow shelf ecosystem as critical to the survival of the Devils Hole pupfish. Any impact to the habitat of this critically endangered species is a concern.

At this link you can see the underwater security video of the man walking on pupfish habitat.

A map of Devil's Hole:

UPDATE: The vandals have been identified, but not apprehended yet, I think.

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May 12, 2016

LG Action Camera

LG has announced a new action camera. Specs are a bit meager, but it doesn't look like it shoots 4K. But, it's claim to fame is that it's able to stream your video via 4G. No longer will you have to wait until you get within range of some Wi-fi as you are shooting some police on civilian action to share with the world. Will also be handy in revolutions, but never to be used at a nude function. The price is supposed to be comparable to a GoPro, which hardly narrows that down.

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