November 21, 2017

Old Slides

I have a load of good slide photos from before the turn of the century that I have never shared digitally. I used to have a good slide scanner, until it stopped working years ago. I've finally acquired another scanner, and have set forth to scan some old slides. Here are a very few. Some, but not all, are Kodachrome. So far, my Ektachrome and other E6 slides are holding color well.

Kauai 1986 (3)
Kauai in 1986, this must be Waimea Canyon
, but I will accept corrections.

Washdown, Kauai, 1986
Also on Kauai in 1986
, we were up in the mountains and had been out hiking. All the dirt there is very sticky red mud and we were covered with it. So we decided it was much more sensible for all of us to hose each other down out in the yard of the mountain house, rather than waiting for each to use the only shower in the house. That's me in front, behind me left to right are Chuck, Bob & Alden. Alden has not gained weight since then.

New England, 1986
Somewhere in New England, 1986.

New England Autumn
Kodachrome, fershur.

Geese In Winter
I'm pretty sure this is Muddy River in Boston or Brookline.

Downtown Boston in Winter, 1987
A winter scene I do not miss.

Boston University - MLK Memorial
Boston University Chapel
with the Martin Luther King, Jr. memorial in front.

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November 18, 2017

My First 4K Video

Waokiye at Cabot's Museum is the subject for my first 4K video.

I recently acquired a ThiEYE T5e which is $170 at Amazon, but just under $100 at GearBest which is in China. I know buying direct from China is a crapshoot, but a 41% discount is pretty substantial. Reviews of this camera point out that it is genuine 4K, not interpolated from 1080p.

I have a 4K display, but my Mac Mini can't do any better than 1080p, so the only way I can see this in 4K is to connect the camera directly to my monitor and play it from there. I also don't have any software that can output a 4K video, so I can only upload them exactly as shot. Can't even trim off shaky starts or ends without lowering the resolution to 720p.

The video above is on Vimeo, who claims they don't degrade videos. I've also uploaded this video to YouTube which supports 4K, but they degrade the videos somewhat. If you think you can see the difference, here's a chance to do an A/B comparison.

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November 17, 2017

Bob Hope Patriotic Hall

I went on a tour of Bob Hope Patriotic Hall, which is that building that sort of sticks out and up, south of the 10 near the 110 interchange. It's just for veterans. It hosts several veterans groups and provides space for organizations providing services to veterans. So, it's not a museum, but there are photos on display and some historical artifacts. Most of those are behind glass, which makes for bad photography.

Bob Hope Patriotic Hall (4171)
This is the place that sort of stands out, south of the 10, near the interchange with the 110

Basketball Court at Bob Hope Patriotic Hall (4207)
On the top floor, under the peaked roof is this basketball court
. We were told this court was using in the filming of Hoosiers.

8th Floor Balcony at Bob Hope Patriotic Hall (1498)
The 8th floor has this balcony with a view to the west
. Just open the door and step out. I am unaware of any restrictions. You go through screening when you enter the building. Take the elevator up to the 8th floor and there you are.

Mural at Bob Hope Patriotic Hall (4177)
One-third of a triptych in the lobby depicts a diverse group of Americans at a polling place
. I call it "The GOP's Nightmare."

Verboten at Bob Hope Patriotic Hall (4252)
This list of verboten items is longer than TSA's
. It's more appropriate for a jail or courthouse—or a public school.

North View from Bob Hope Patriotic Hall (4232A)
The view north from Bob Hope Patriotic Hall

Hall at Bob Hope Patriotic Hall (4189)
We were told that this hall is the location where the opening scene of Patton was filmed

And here was the most unusual thing of the day: on the tour was a woman whose grandfather's portrait was on display on the 8th floor. She had discovered that entirely by accident while watching TV. This tour was the first time she had seen the actual portrait. Her grandfather's name was Walter Brinkop. He was the first commander of American Legion Post 8, which was the 8th post in the U.S. and the first in Los Angeles.

Grandfather - Grandaughter (4243)

Walter Brinkop at Bob Hope Patriotic Hall (4248)

The complete set of photos is here.

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November 15, 2017

Sonic Runway in San Jose

The Sonic Runway was an installation at Burning Man in 2016.

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Pink Crocs

I'm sharing this only because the main narrator wears pink crocs. I didn't notice until 9:48, but maybe they can be seen earlier as well.

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November 14, 2017


Representative Hakeem Jeffries questioning AG Jeff Sessions today:

Someone has observed that Sessions reacts differently to the Senators depending on their race. I haven't (and don't plan to) watched enough C-SPAN to have an informed opinion about this. But if one of my readers does, do let me hear from you.

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"Captain America"

In 2012 the FBI developed an informant who was a tow truck driver in south L.A. He wore a camera and documented corruption among L.A. County Sheriff Deputies. The code name for the informant was "Captain America." It was only after gathering evidence that the FBI discovered their informant was using a false name, was in the U.S. illegally, and had prior convictions for burglary and credit card fraud, among other things. The evidence then was turned over to the Sheriff's Department who used it to deal with the offenders administratively.

"Captain America" is still in the U.S.

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November 13, 2017


Still science fiction. Their website.

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